Testimonials from the 2011 Kids Jiu Jitsu festival

Our kids and parents had an awesome time at your tourney...they really enjoyed the Olympic theme walkout.

Nice work bro!
Mike Hong
Instructor – BAMA Hurricane Jiu Jitsu

Great tournament Tony, thanks for putting that on. Looks like it will be a good annual event!
Alex Jeffery
Instructor – Driven Jiu Jitsu

Kids had a great time at the event. Appreciate the work you did organizing the tournament.
Muskoka Kickboxing

Thanks for your well organized tournament today, both my son Noah Kales and myself enjoyed it very much. Better run than any other tournament we have been to in the past.
I told John , Peter's dad the same when we left.


Happy Parent

Yesterday I had my club attend our very first BJJ tournament in Toronto. I have been doing judo tournaments now for over 30 years so I have been to a few to date. I found yesterday’s tournament was well run and very well organized!!!
I can’t say enough how impressed we were with everything at the shiai. Tony had all our ID’s ready and everything was explained to us as best it could considering this was the first BJJ for us. It was a great learning experience for us and we brought almost all the coaches so we can take back the skills we needed.
We are thrilled to have become part of the OJA and we found everyone at the tournament yesterday great representatives of the sport. The two athletes I brought yesterday placed 1st and 3rd so I know we are doing things right and we look forward to bringing many more to the next tournament.
Your referees were top notch and I found them all great reps for the sport and they done a great job we were all very impress with each and every one of them. Thanks again for the work you have done to help us be ready. I have passed on your information to other judo clubs and told them they should consider doing the same thing.

Sensei Kevin Ausman
Judokaa Martial Arts

 I wanted to contact you to give you some feedback about the tournament. It was very well organized and the kids really enjoyed it. Having the teams announced and entering the arena was an excellent gesture, and it really touched off the day. Also, with each competitor coming home with a t-shirt and a medal, all the kids felt that they had earned something.
I wanted to comment also on the referee that officiated in all four of my son's matches (I don't know his name, but he was bald...if that helps at all). He exhibited professionalism and care for all of the competitors. During one of the matches, my son's knee was twisted in a precarious way, the referee was right on top of things and paused the action, moved the limb without changing the position of either competitor and resumed the match, avoiding a potentially serious injury. This shows that the safety of all the athletes is a priority in your organization. At the end of each match he also helped the kids with their belts, which displayed to me a care both for the competitors as well as for the forum.
Further, at home I have the luxury of video replay when assessing the scoring of the match. In all four of my son's matches the points were awarded with complete accuracy. How often can that be said? Well done!
I will be encouraging more of our school to attend your tournaments in the future.
Dr. Ed Gray

p.s. My son was ecstatic to bring home an actual trophy!